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Jinjiang Bueno Import and Export Co., Ltd. Has dedicated into shoes making and shoes material industry since 2014, with 10 years of development, we have been well known in the global market.We are specializes in exporting various shoe soles and materials, which are exported to more than 20 countries such as Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Vietnam, etc.

Our shoe soles produced are novel in style and complete in variety. It has the characteristics of strong wear resistance, folding resistance, and perfect elasticity. Ten years of professional shoe making experience and familiarity with the shoe making process help our customers better solve the production problems.we strive to gain market trust with first-class quality. , to win customer satisfaction with high-quality services, and to seek enterprise development with continuous improvement.

So far our products have received wide acknowledgment from the international market. Bearing in mind the mission to provide shoe making and shoe material with best quality,price and service, Bueno will keep on the path to offer more competitive products to all of our customers in the years to come.

Quality Control

Professional Q/C control and detailed photos support! Focus on every Details and track order picky.

Free Sample
You can get our free samples for different types of product. And the shipping fee should be your side.
Professional Service
We have professional team with Catalogue, Samples, Consults, Market Info. We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and nice prices.
we are professional supplier of different kinds of shoes
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